Dining Out

Cheesy Post Ahead


I love Mac n’ Cheese. And, I love burgers. So, when you put two comfort foods into one basket, you know it’s going to be radishing. One of the things that most new vegetarians forget is that there are off-the-menu options for them. And, Market Burger‘s Mac N Cheese Burger is one of them. Just substitute the beef patty with a black bean patty and you’re good to go.

This burger is the reason that I’m not a vegan. This burger makes is the reason that I couldn’t go gluten-free. The mac n cheese is creamy and delicious. And, the bun just melts in your mouth. It is one of the softest buns that I’ve ever had. And, I’ve had them buns.

There isn’t much else for dressing except for some ketchup but it doesn’t need much else. You could add on the regular pickles, lettuce, onions, and tomato, but why ruin a good thing?

The burger was for $9.75 without any sides. Market Burger is located on Corydon Avenue and offers several vegetarian and vegan burger options. You can substitute any burger patty with a black bean or falafel patty, change the toppings, or the bun to suit your dietary preferences.

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