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5 Winnipeg Indian Restaurants You Didn’t Know About

A question I get asked most often and rarely know the answer to is where you can find best East Indian food in Winnipeg. Indian food is so much more than curry and naan bread. There are 29 states (the Indian equivalent of provinces) and each state has their own cuisine. Not all of them have made their way to Winnipeg yet but some really good restaurants have opened up in the last couple of years. Everyone has their favourites. Here are five of mine. 

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Quick and Easy One-Pot Vegetable Soup Recipe

Hey y'all. Winter's almost over (yay spring) but that doesn't mean we have to give up on hearty comfort meals. I love this vegetable soup because you only need to use one pot (so less cleaning up after) and you can chop while you cook it. Also, you can pretty much dump just about anything you have in your kitchen in it. Except for dessert, don't put dessert in your soup. The way to go about is to start putting in the vegetables that require more time to cook first and then keep adding the others later. Serve it with some bread, and you have a healthy, delicious meal that took very little effort to make.

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*Contest Closed* We’re giving away a vegetable spiralizer!

Cookware Love and She's Radishing are collaborating to give you, our inventive food and  experimental cookware-loving readers, a vegetable spiralizer! Spiralizers make food fun. Yes, because we're all five years old and love slurping our noodles at heart. So if you live in/near Winnipeg and enjoy watching Zucchini turn into Zoodles, enter our contest and… Continue reading *Contest Closed* We’re giving away a vegetable spiralizer!