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15-Minute Recipe + Spiralizer Giveaway

In this post, we tell you how you can make quick and easy recipes with that awesome new spiralizer that you're going to win. This apple, beet, and carrot recipe took me only 15-minutes to make and was soooo tasty. Not to mention, healthy and cheap if you put a reasonable amount of dressing.

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*Contest Closed* We’re giving away a vegetable spiralizer!

Cookware Love and She's Radishing are collaborating to give you, our inventive food and  experimental cookware-loving readers, a vegetable spiralizer! Spiralizers make food fun. Yes, because we're all five years old and love slurping our noodles at heart. So if you live in/near Winnipeg and enjoy watching Zucchini turn into Zoodles, enter our contest and… Continue reading *Contest Closed* We’re giving away a vegetable spiralizer!