Dining Out · Winnipeg Under $10

Winnipeg Under $10: Vietnamese at Grace Café

What: Vietnamese Rice Bowl

Coconut rice, stir-fried veg, Chili aioli and soy glaze, crispy onion, fried egg, toasted peanuts

Where: Grace Café, City Hall Location

Pocket Pinch: $7 before tax

What worked:

  • Great value for money
  • Generous dose of veggies and nice flavours
  • Lots of seating

What didn’t:

  • Not spicy enough
  • Not authentic Vietnamese

Who would’ve thought that you’d get good grub at the Winnipeg City Hall? Not me. Until I started to go to school a skip and a hop away from it. Well, if the mayor says they have the best taco salad in Winnipeg (as the sign outside proudly claims), it’s good enough for me.

I didn’t have the Taco Bowl, although it did look delicious. I had the Vietnamese Rice Bowl minus the egg. I just wasn’t feeling eggs or tacos that day. I know. I can’t explain it either.

The Vietnamese Rice Bowl was pretty good. It wasn’t the best rice bowl I’ve ever had but it was definitely above average. The vegetables  were cooked just enough to have some bite to it. There dosage of bell peppers, broccoli, onions, spring onions, and zucchini were generous. The sauce was slightly sweet and sour-ish and the pickles are a welcome addition to the taste buds. The toasted peanuts were crunchy and the rice was cooked well.

The price is really good for the amount and quality for food you get. However, if you’re looking for authentic Vietnamese, you’ve come to the wrong place. The dish did have some Vietnamese flavours but it wasn’t Vietnamese at all. I could’ve definitely used some more spice but that’s nothing that a little bit of Sriracha can’t fix. It’s still is a good meal that leaves you with enough change for coffee.

There are also other vegetarian options here that are pretty good too. If you’re in downtown Winnipeg looking to grab a bite and bump into a politician or two, Grace Cafe is definitely where you want to be.


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