Dining Out · Winnipeg Under $10

Winnipeg under $10: Toasty with Thom

What: Hummus and Radish Toast

Where: Thom Bargen, Kennedy St.

Pocket Pinch: $6.50ish before tax

What worked:

  • Great combination of flavours
  • Cheap light lunch
  • Goes great with coffee

What didn’t

  • It is a really light lunch

Let’s rave about how balsamic makes everything better. Salads, toasts, veggies, pasta. I can’t think of one thing that you could put balsamic vinegar or glaze on that wouldn’t infinitely improve the taste. Plus, the zigzaggy drizzles are easy to do and make it all look very gourmet.

Thom Bargen has a great selection of toasts that they change seasonally. They won’t fill you up if you’re raving hungry but if you’re looking to have a light lunch with coffee for under $10 at a very Instagrammy cafe, Thom’s got your back.

This one has hummus, radishes, arugula, a generous dose of balsamic. I’m sorry, I really like balsamic. The combination of flavours was interesting and this would be so easy to recreate at home. I usually have most of these ingredients in the kitchen most of the time and making this would take no time at all. It’s tangy, savoury, crunchy and the bread is really really good.

However, this is more of a heavy snack than a lunch. But, I have a tiny appetite and I drink copious amounts of coffee that slowly kills your appetite. It does taste good and is a great deal for the price.






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