Dining Out · Winnipeg Under $10

Winnipeg Under $10: Quesadilla, Por Favor

What: Vegetarian Quesadilla

Grilled Diced Chicken, Bell Peppers, Scallion, Cilantro, Corn and Bothwell Jalepeno Monterey and Cheddar Cheese served with House-made Salsa and Sour Cream. (Ask for No Chicken or Vegetarian option)

Where: The Culinary Exchange at Paterson GlobalFoods Institute

Pocket Pinch: $8.50 with tax

What Worked: 

  • Good size for the price
  • Above average quality
  • Fresh and hot
  • Good sides

What Didn’t: 

  • Longer waiting times
  • Too greasy
  • Fewer vegetarian options on the menu than before

The kitchen and service at the Culinary Exchange are run by culinary students, so you have to remember that there will always be a few mix-ups here and there. Service is food-court style so you place your order on the counter and are given a number. Then, you pay the bill at the till and wait for your number to be called. The service could be more streamlined by adding a billing and payment option at the till where you place the order. That would also reduce the number of staff needed but I’m sure there are logistics associated that would have to be looked into.

I was served the wrong order, one which had meat in it, the first time. Luckily, my friend caught that before I took a bite which didn’t colour my experience of the food. Little things like this have however happened when I’ve eaten there before so be prepared to wait a little longer than an average food court.

The food is usually great and definitely better than a food court. The quesadilla was generously stuffed with fresh veggies and cheese. I had the option of picking fries or salad as a side and I picked the salad. The quantity was perfect for lunch. The food was a little greasier than what I like. But then again, I won’t lie. I love grease. It just makes everything tastier.

The menu changes every semester and I remember there being a lot more vegetarian options in the older ones. I missed the pizza and the stir fries that they used to have. All in all, The Culinary Institute is a decent option for Vegetarians for lunch in the Exchange. You get a really good deal for the price and almost-gourmet quality food!





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