Dining In

Bae-ritto Night

Veggie Burrito

One burrito is kinda sad and alone. Two burritos make a happy bae-ritto. And, this vegetarian burrito recipe is so good that you’re gonna wanna have two. Like most of my recipes, I like this because it takes little time to make. This might be because a lot of the ingredients are pre-made or store bought, but they’re all those that you would usually have in your kitchen anyway.

I used small tortillas for this one so I made 6 but you could use the same recipe for 3 big ones and have one and a half each. Let’s be real. You’re not REALLY full after one full burrito and you don’t want to eat another full one. One and a half burrito is the perfect balance between gluttony and restraint.

Serves: 2

Time: 45 Minutes


6 small flour or whole-wheat tortillas

For the Beans:

1 can of refried beans

Tomato Ketchup/Sauce

Hot Sauce

For the Rice:

1/2 Cup of Basmati rice or any other rice of your choice



Green Chilli

For the Veggies: 

1 tsp butter

1/2 sliced Onion

1/2 sliced Bell Peppers (Assorted)

1/2 cup corn

Salt and Pepper to taste

For the Toppings:

1 cup salsa (Pico De Gallo)

1 cup Sour Cream

Shredded Cheese (I had Kraft singles so I sliced them up into small, long, pieces but shredded cheese is better)


  • For the Refried Beans: Empty the can in a pan with 1/2 cup of water. Heat on medium heat and stir until it softens. Add about 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup and 1 tbsp of hot sauce. Mix well and add a little more water if needed. The beans should be soft but not runny. Turn the stove off and keep aside.
  • For the Rice: Blend together one bunch of Cilantro leaves, 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 green chilli, 1/2 cup of water, and 1/2 tsp salt in a blender.  Keep aside, Put the rice and 3 cups of water in a deep pot and boil until the rice is soft. Drain the rice. Mix the cilantro mixture with the rice while it’s hot. The flavours infuse much better.
  • For the Toppings: Melt 1 tsp of butter in a pan over medium heat. Add the onions, bell pepper, and corn. Saute for about 5 minutes till cooked. Add salt and pepper according to taste. Keep aside.
  • For the Buritto: Put the refried beans, rice, and veggies on the same layer on the tortilla. Around a tbsp of each should be enough for a small burrito. Try to place them in the centre so that it’s easier to wrap later. Add a layer of sour cream and salsa on top. Top with shredded cheese. Wrap carefully so that nothing is falling off. Take a pan and melt a little butter on it. Lay the burrito over the butter. Let it cook for about 30 seconds to a minute till it browns and then flip. Similar to a grilled cheese. Cook the other side for the same amount of time and take it off the stove.
  • Enjoy!





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