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You Win Some, You Dim Sum

Kum Koon Garden

Excuse the ugly picture. The food was much better than how it looks there. But I was hungry, didn’t have my camera on me, and too lazy to take good pictures.

On Saturday, Amanda (Perpetually Planting), Delta (Slow Woven), and I went to Kum Koon Garden for a dim sum brunch. However, I didn’t research enough beforehand and the place did not have too many vegetarian Dim Sums. The place was huge and busy. The servers took the food around in carts, similar to a buffet-style, and marked the dishes you picked up. This was an experience in itself but due to the volume of food they made, it meant that I could not ask for them to customize a dish as I didn’t request beforehand.

However, I was lucky enough to find enough dishes to stuff myself until I was full. One of my favourites was Gai Lan ($6.75). It did, however, contain Oyster sauce, which I occasionally let myself have. Don’t ask me why. I’ll sometimes let myself cheat if I can’t see or taste it. It was crunchy, green, and delicious.

The next dish, which really was vegetarian, was the vegetarian bean curd wraps($4.50). The wrap was chewy and nice while the stuffing of mixed vegetables added some texture and flavour.

For dessert, I had the Coconut Bun ($4.00) and Black Sesame Rolls ($4.00). The Sesame Rolls had a jelly-like texture which I wasn’t expecting but I dipped it in some soy sauce and liked it much more. I wouldn’t recommend it though, it tasted kind of flat by itself. The Coconut Bun was heavenly. It was a soft, sweet, baked bun with a grainy coconut filling.

If you’re a vegetarian looking for Dim Sum in Winnipeg, I highly recommend you call ahead to find out what options they have. Although I had a pretty good meal and had really good company, I found it tough to find food options. A traditional, sit-down restaurant might be better as you can get your food customized.

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