Dining In

It’s Thai’m for Thai


Cooking is hard. And, sometimes you just want to open a packet of soup, heat it, over because you just don’t have the time. Happy Planet’s Thai Coconut Soup is just what you need on those days. It’s vegan, made in Canada and contains no preservatives and artificial ingredients.


The instructions were simple. Just cut open the bag, heat it, and drink it. But, I added some noodles to it, mostly because I was out of rice, but also to make it more filling. The flavours were spot on. I could taste the lemongrass and coconut milk. The vegetables tasted fresh unlike a lot of pre-made soups I’ve had. I did wish that it was slightly thicker and creamier. Without the noodles, it would have tasted watery.

I did wish that I’d got a little more than 650 ml for $5.99 (before tax). The soup was just enough for one person if it was a full meal. Especially, since I could pay a dollar extra and buy good, quality soup from restaurants. It was a decent meal and did not taste like pre-made food, which is more than I can ask for on most days.


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