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I have a beef with beef

Le Burger Week. A week that evokes memories of juicy, succulent burgers in the minds of thousands of Canadians. But I’m a vegetarian, and a Hindu vegetarian at that. So that makes beef a double no-no. So, I went in search of Winnipeg’s best veggie burgers. Here are two burgers that I tried this week and my thoughts on them.


The Quinoa Buffalo Burger @ Stella’s au CCFM: This one had a quinoa patty nestled inside a sweet potato bun and doused with hot sauce. It was definitely of the cheapest burgers I’ve had at around $11 including a side of soup but there was something just not right. I missed the cheese and the quinoa was just a little too chewy for me. Still, it looked pretty on the plate and was well worth the price.


The A.O.T.A (All of the above) Burger at Nuburger Stradbrook: I substituted the meat patty with a vegetarian one for this burger. To be fair, it wasn’t as innovative as the quinoa burger but it tasted good, and sometimes that’s all you need. It supposedly had goat cheese in it but the cheddar overpowered it so I could barely taste it. Roasted red pepper, sweet curry sautéed mushrooms, and homemade tzatziki, and Nuburger’s potatoey veggie patty made up the rest of this beautiful burger. If it’s still on their menu, I highly reccomend it.



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